Short Notice #13

Afternoon all,

This months script is based on something I've been working on listed as Operation Alaskan Phill over on my blog.

The origin came from watching news reports of Hurricane Sandy on the BBC and there was a cycle of footage of people taking a selfie with the raging ocean behind them, the people doing Gangnam Style dance, and in amongst it was a really brief shot of an old man just sitting on a bench looking out at the storm.
And I thought to myself "That old guy knows something". For the next hour that image and thought percolated in my head and by the end it had evolved into this image of a hit man assassinating the storm and from there it was a short leap to imagine the storm was caused by a god.

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Short Notice #13: Deus Exterminator (download script here)
As a storm heads towards the east coast of the US, a mysterious stranger waits to greet it.

Rules re-cap:
All I ask is if you use the scripts, that I get sent a copy of the finished piece to post here on the site and of course that I get a writing credit when or where ever the work is used to showcase your work.

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