Short Notice #1 and #2

So here it is. The very first Short notice. Just as a recap, The idea will be that every month I will post a 5 page comic script for illustrators to use free of charge. The aim is to allow illustrators to get experience and just focus on their art without having to spend hours brainstorming their own ideas as well as allowing me to play with different writing styles in a medium that is totally new to me.

The rules I've stuck to for writing are similar to 2000AD's Future Shocks; five pages and no more than seven panels to a page. In return all I ask is that I get sent a copy of the finished piece to post here on the site and of course that I get a writing credit when or where ever the work is used to showcase your work.

Obviously you're only going to have the script to work from (although feel free to email me if I've written something truly baffling), so in an attempt make it a little easier for you (I hope) and to give you more free reign I've kept chunks of the descriptive elements fairly ambiguous. If that doesn't work let me know and I'll make adjustments next time, but please bare with me, as I've said before I'm used to screenplays so there's going to be a learning curve. Right, so here we go...

Short Notice #1: Forgotten (Download script here)

This piece looks at what happens when a religion start to become mythology, drawing heavily from celtic mythology with a little celtic christianity as well. This being the first comic script I've written there's very little dialogue and has a variety of locations. 

Short Notice #2: Memoria Limbo (Download script here)

This is a story about a man unknowingly clearing a debt with his memories and how those memories are then used. This is actually a comic adaptation of a short screenplay I wrote at University. Then, I liked the changes I'd made for the comic version so much that I re-adapted it back into a short screenplay that I'm going to be shooting in the next couple of months.

Feel free to leave a comment, message me via the contact page or just send me an email. I really hope you get something out of this and I can't wait to see some finished pieces.

See you on December 5th!

Stay awesome.