Short Notice #8

Apologies this is a day late I have been very very busy developing a web series, Avengers, Writing a graphic novel, Avengers, overhauling the site, Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises trailer, Avengers, free comic book day,  and when I wasn't doing all of that I managed to find time to see Avengers. So yeah, it's been hectic.

This months story was originally planned for last month but I swapped it for the Childhood feud story. I wanted to do another script that had next to no dialogue. I'm not 100% that It's as good as it could be with a bit more dialogue. Illustration wise it should be fun as it covers each decade from the 50's to the 80's


Short Notice #8: The Day The Music Died (download script here)

This story is about how the music and deaths of Buddy Holly, Elvis, and John Lennon affected three individuals in very different ways.

Feel free to leave comments or message me about this months script and I'll see you here again June 5th

Stay Awesome

Rules re-cap:
All I ask is if you use the scripts, that I get sent a copy of the finished piece to post here on the site and of course that I get a writing credit when or where ever the work is used to showcase your work.