Short Notice #6

I think it's worth mentioning that I both love and hate this month's script. I have obsessed over it, lost sleep over it and ruthlessly enjoyed beating it into submission. It's also worth mentioning this script contains references to extreme nudity. So consider yourself warned.

It started out as an idea playing around with meta-fiction, then I saw an old interview with Alan Moore talking about Intelligent erotica and somehow this story leaked out of my head onto the page. I really want someone to illustrate this probably more than any of the other scripts. But that could just be ego talking. Anyway I hope you enjoy.

Short Notice #6: Words Made Flesh (Download script here)

This story explores the power of words, or rather the perception of the power of words as a writer tries to conjure inspiration for his books.

As always feel free to message me or leave comments and I look forward to seeing you back here on April 5th.

Stay awesome!

Rules re-cap:
All I ask is if you use the scripts, that I get sent a copy of the finished piece to post here on the site and of course that I get a writing credit when or where ever the work is used to showcase your work.