Short Notice #4

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hopefully you didn't wake up anywhere too strange on January 1st. Anyway, another month another script. I quite like this one it felt easier to write and may be my favorite story so far. As a heads up, this script probably requires more pictorial research than the previous scripts as it uses a few real world settings as well as historical locales. So yeah good luck.

I also want to say thanks to all the people who have emailed saying they like what I'm trying to do with Short Notice and have been kind enough to make suggestions and give great feedback. Enough chatter, the script!

Short notice #4: Jack (Download script here)

Spring heeled Jack, Victorian crime fighter extraordinaire must move fast to stop an unpredictable threat. But is there more (or less) to the story than he can see?

As always feel free to leave a comment or message me via the contact page. See you back here on February 5th. 

Stay awesome

Rules re-cap:
All I ask is if you use the scripts, that I get sent a copy of the finished piece to post here on the site and of course that I get a writing credit when or where ever the work is used to showcase your work.