Short Notice #9

Hello and welcome to the new Short Notice. There’s going to be a new script on the 25th of every month. There's also a Tumblr page so it's easier to follow. I’ve got a buffer of scripts to cover the next five months so if there is anything in particular that you guys want to draw then let me know and I’ll work it in to a story.

Short Notice #9: What Ho, Undead Rotters! (download script here)
This script is a zombie story set in the 1920’s. It’s my first ever attempt (and probably last) at writing comedy. I don’t know if others will find it funny but it made me laugh.

Hope you find this useful and please, feel free to send feedback or suggestions to

Rules re-cap:
All I ask is if you use the scripts, that I get sent a copy of the finished piece to post here on the site and of course that I get a writing credit when or where ever the work is used to showcase your work.